Party Service

Are you planning an event and would like to serve finger foods or party snacks? From Sushi to Canapés, Cakes and Bakery Products we prepare every thing according to your wish. Please contact us, and we will take time to discuss all details in order to make sure that your event becomes a full success.



Discover our Sushi, which we offer in combination with your order for a decoaration cake. For the hand made Sushi we use high quality raw fish and Japanese rice from the Niigata prefecture.

The price for the Sushi platter as shown on the picture is Fr 200.-, but can vary according to your request. Served with your aperitif or as a starter it is for about 8-10 people and as a main dish for 4-6 people.

We gladly take your order one week in advance, so that we can plan it accordingly. We will keep the Sushi and Cake ready for pick-up between 18.00 and 18.30 hours. The minimum amount per order is Fr 200.- for Sushi, plus the cost for the decoration cake (see Special Order Cakes).

As with immediate effect we also offer to prepare freshly made Sushi at your home (from 19.00 hours onwards). The price per person amounts to Fr 65.-. Included in this is Sushi as a main dish, Miso soup, and cakes for dessert. In and around Zurich we charge a flat fee of Fr 150.- for delivery and preparation of Sushi at your home. The minimum charge per order is Fr 540.-.