In Japan, bread is the second staple food next to rice. While you can find almost any types of breads you find around the world, Japan also has their own traditional bread: small, light breads with all kind of different fillings, which are taken as snacks or desserts.

Japanese Bread

At our bakery we make daily a wide range of Japanese breads, such as Anpan, which is known as the very first Japanese bread. It is a little sweet and is filled with red bean paste. Melon Pan, so named for its appearance rather than its flavour, is another popular sweet bread with vanilla flavour. Among the favourites is also the Curry Bread, which is either deep fried or baked.

Toast Bread

Discover our house speciality: Inspired from England and Japan we make Toast Bread, which is very light, but has a solid texture and is of highest quality. It is ideal for sandwiches, canapés or as toasted bread. It is available as a loaf (24 slices) or a third of (8 slices). We are happy to take your order, so that it can be freshly baked for you and will be ready for pick-up at our shop.

Swiss Bread

You will find a wide range of traditional Swiss bread at our shop, such as Buttergipfel, Semmeli, Burebrot, Bio-Zwirbelbrot, Mehrkorn Formenbrot, Baguette and Butterzopf.